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Antwerp, November 2006


Bill Moyers' conversation with Anne Provoost now online

You can watch and ipos the converstation here:


Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason premieres on June 23, 2006 on PBS

Bill Moyers talked with writers from around the world about Faith & Reason. These conversations resulted in a seven-part series premiering June 23, 2006 on PBS . “Moyers,” according to the PBS preview, “will explore the ideas of leading thinkers on the relationship between religious fundamentalism and democracy, equality and human rights.” Apart from Ayan Hirshi Ali, Will Power, Sir John Houghton and Ani Pema Chödrön, nine writers take part in the conversations:

· Martin Amis, Great Britain
· Margaret Atwood, Canada
· Mary Gordon, United States
· David Grossman, Israel
· Colin McGinn, Great Britain/United States
· Richard Rodriguez, United States
· Salman Rushdie, India/Great Britain
· Anne Provoost, Belgium
· Jeanette Winterson, Great Britain

After the broadcast, each episode will be available in its entirety for viewing online at


Debate on Myths at PEN World Voices, NY, now online

You can now listen to the panel discussion on 'Tell That Story Again: Writing Myth Now' with David Grossman, Jeanette Winterson, Milton Hatoum and Anne Provoost here (mp3). Audio time is some 40 minutes. Moderator is Colum McCann. More information on the other panel discussions and a photo gallery can be found here.

From left to right: Jeannette Winterson, Milton Hatoum, Colum McCann, Anne Provoost en David Grossman


New Pocket edition of In the Shadow of the Ark announced by Berkley Penguin

05.2006 - New York. Berkley Penguin is preparing a new editon of In the Shadow of the ark. More information on the website of Penguin Group.



Belgian Authors at Saarbrückse Buchmesse

May 17-20, 2006 - Saarbrücken, Germany: Anne Provoost is a guest at the Europäischen Kinder-und Jugendbuchmesse. Read an interview with Provoost and Minne in Saarbrücker Zeitung (in German), May 19-20, 2006.


Newspaper Le Soir on racism in Antwerp en racism in Falling

May 13-14, 2006 - The Belgian newspaper Le Soir interviews Anne Provoost about the recent racist killings in Antwerp.
Read the interview (.pdf in French).


Polish translation of Falling published by Ezop

April 2006, Warshaw. The Polish translation of Falling is published by Ezop. Anne Provoost goes to Warshaw for readings september 26 and 27, 2006. More information on the website of Ezop.


PEN World Voices, The New York Festival of International Literature

25-30.04.06 - New York: Anne Provoost speaks at PEN World Voices.

The theme of this year's PEN literature festival is Faith and Reason, which will be explored by 137 writers and cultural critics from 41 countries in 58 panels, lectures, tributes, readings, and one-on-one conversations. The Festival runs April 25-30 at various locations around New York City.

Tuesday, April 27, 2006 at 1 p.m. in Hunter College:
Panel discussion on '
Tell That Story Again: Writing Myth Now' with David Grossman, Jeanette Winterson, Milton Hatoum and Anne Provoost. Moderator is Colum McCann.
Working with myth—seeking new meaning in mankind’s oldest stories—is one of the greatest literary challenges. Writers who have rewritten myths for modern audiences discuss the complexities of making them new."

Friday, April 28, 2006 at 6.30 pm untill 8 pm in the Asian American Writers' Workshop:
Panel discussion on '51%: Women Write the World
' with Helen Oyeyemi (England/Nigeria), Ayu Utami (Indonesia), Melania Mazzucco (Italy) en Anne Provoost. Moderator is Jessica Hagedorn.
"Geography is literary destiny. Women writers from four continents discuss writing about home/going home and how gender influences a writer’s literary landscape."

Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 4 pm untill 5.30 pm in Pace University:
Panel discussion on 'Suitable for Children', with David Grossman, Tonya Bolden, Francesca Lia Block, Hanna Jansen en Anne Provoost. Moderator is Arthur Levine of Scholastic Inc.


Second Letter to Hans Christian Andersen

April 2006 - Every year on his birthday, Anne Provoost writes a letter to Hans Christian Andersen. This year she confronts him with the question if someone who tells 'fairy tales' does not risk becoming too fictitious, and thus untrustworthy.
Read the letter (.doc)>>>


In the Shadow of the Ark receives the Literature Award of the Province of West Flanders

26.11.05 - Brugges: In the Provincial Court Anne Provoost receives the Literature Award of the Province of West Flanders for her novel In the Shadow of the Ark.


In the Shadow of the Ark longlisted for International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award

22.11.05 - Dublin: The list of eligible titles for the 2006 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award were announced today. The International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award is the largest and most international prize of its kind.

Libraries in 43 countries nominated 132 novels. The participating libraries from the Netherlands and Belgium nominated The Sundial by Maarten ’t Hart (De zonnewijzer, De Arbeiderspers), The Story of My Baldness by Marek van der Jagt (De geschiedenis van mijn kaalheid, De Geus) and In the Shadow of the Ark by Anne Provoost.


Visit to the University of Pretoria

10.05 - Tshwane/Pretoria and Mangaung/Bloemfontein: Anne Provoost gives readings and workshops in schools in South-Africa. She visits the township school Atang in Mangaung/Bloemfontein. She reads at the University of Pretoria together with Tom Lanoye and Riana Scheepers.


Polish translation of The Rose and the Swine

6.05 - Warshaw: The Polish translation of The Rose and the Swine is published at the feminist editing house Sic! Jadwiga Jedryas translated the book. She also translated Falling voor Agencja Edytorska Ezop and My Aunt is a Pilot Whale for OficynaJP2. Both these books come out later this year.


Celebration of the Swedish-Belgian Queen Astrid in Stockholm

02.05.05 - Stockholm: The Embassy of Belgium, in co-operation with the University of Stockholm, holds a seminar on Belgian Literature in order to celebrate the Swedish-Belgian Queen Astrid. Find the program here.
Anne Provoost reads "So here's the bad news. The child as antagonist."


Readings with colleague Ragnfrid Trohaug

11-17.04.05- Tromsø, Norway: Anne Provoost reads in schools of Northern Norway, more particularly in Tromsø and surroundings. She does this in the company of her colleague writer Ragnfrid Trohaug. Read a report here.


Opening of the Hans Christian Andersen year

1-3.03.05 - Copenhagen: The Hans Christian Andersen year opens with a big performance in the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, in presence of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark. Anne Provoost takes part as HCA2005-ambassador for Belgium.


Symposium on reviewing in Adelaide

11-13.04.05 - Adelaide, Australia: Anne Provoost reads the key note speech at the symposium RE:VIEWS on literary criticism in Adelaide. RE:VIEWS is a national conference on the reviewing of books children and young adults. Jointly organised by the SA Writers' Centre & ALLWRITE! (the literature component of Come Out, the SA Youth Arts Festival). The aims are: to raise the profile of youth literature in our culture to encourage the reviewing of children's books as literature; to improve the quality of reviewing and to broaden our understanding of how all media approach the reviewing of children's literature.


Translator of In the Shadow of the Ark nominated

John Nieuwenhuizen, the translator In the Shadow of the Ark and of Falling was nominated for the NSW PREMIER'S TRANSLATION PRIZE AND PEN MEDALLION. Read their comment on Nieuwenhuizen's translations here.


The letter i for City of Letters, Antwerp

As World Book Capital the city of Antwerp challenged artists to make the alfabeth visible in the city in the project City of Letters. Anne Provoost worked together with knife forgerer Antoine van Loocke. Their collaboration resulted in a conversation published in the 'Cahier', and a short story called 'I/The Eye.' Look at a photo reportage of the presentation of the letter i here.

Anne and Antoine, phot by Koen Broos


Paperback edition of In the Shadow of the Ark

In the summer of 2005 both in the U.K. and in the USA the paperback version of In the Shadow of the Ark is published. The first with Hodder, the second with Berkley Penguin.

On the the American hardcover left the Australian, in the middle the British hardcover, and on the right the American paperback.Take a look at the pfd of the first pages of here.


Essay on literature for Children published by Stichting Lezen:
So here's the Bad News. The Child as Antagonist.

"How we write for children depends on how we look at children, we know that by now. But do we also discuss the 'gaze' that children direct at us? Perhaps we really should talk about this, about the children who look back at us and see us, and about what they see when they do look back.
They see how we reward success, how we show ourselves, how we acquire status, how we make up for emptiness. Underexposure of doubt, combined with material excess, leads to the worldview of the magic wand: the belief that you can control factors that are against you with willpower, and that, with strategic insight and perseverance, you can achieve practically anything. Our children have been thoroughly disneyfied. They believe that life can be shaped and they are convinced that failure is weakness."


Audio-version of In the Shadow of the Ark

The unabridged audio-version of In the Shadow of the Ark is now out on CD and MP3 at Blackstone Audiobooks. You can listen to a sample here.


Movie Falling available on DVD

The English-spoken movie Falling, by Hans Herbot, based on the internationally awarded book Falling by Anne Provoost, is now available on DVD: Acrobat PDF image of DVD. More information here. Info: Jekino, + 32 (0)475-805.899